Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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This paper discusses issues related to change in culture that happens when software estimation becomes scientific, methodical and predictive. From a person based intuitive approach to model based estimation techniques, the approach necessitates a change in mindset and culture. This change in culture has been noticed in upgrade projects. Upgrades play an important role in product life cycle. A product is released with required features to meet immediate requirements of the customers. Any additional or modifications to features are carried through upgrade projects. These upgrades planned well in advance by the product developing organizations are made available to customers through published road map for the products. And hence it is important to be able to predict the effort required for these upgrade projects accurately and consistently. The objective of this research was to study cultural issues while developing an estimation model that would increase accuracy, predictability of estimation in upgrade projects. The methodology adopted in this research work was to use primary sources of data to develop an estimation model for upgrade projects and test this model in live upgrade projects. The results from the research showed that the level of accuracy for estimation increased, predictability in delivery was higher without comprising quality of final deliverables. The culture also went through a change through training and mentoring.