Journal of International Technology and Information Management

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The “digital divide” has been present in the field of information technology (IT) since the inception of the digital computer. Throughout the course of history, one group (or more) has had better access to computer and information technology than another faction. For example: rich versus poor, young versus old, advanced societies versus less developed countries, etc. This disparity has existed for a variety of reasons, among them political, cultural, economic and even class or socioeconomic in nature. This paper examines one particular component of this phenomenon, the “gray divide” pertaining to the use of IT by our elderly, or senior citizens. By utilizing census data and marketing research, we paint a portrait of a vastly underrepresented target market pertaining to IT and IT-related products: our seniors. While the elderly have more assets and disposable income than their younger counterparts, by and large the IT industry is aimed squarely away from this ever-increasing group of consumers. We offer insights into this trend and offer suggestions for future research.