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A Born-Global Processing Plant (BGPP) is the formation of a new manufacturing plant specifically for the world-wide outsourcing industry and is a unique product of the global economy. The concept of a Born-Global entity has been mainly associated with high-tech industries and high-tech products. In this paper we extend the term BGPP to cover the concept of Born-Global to mature/low-tech and labor intensive processing plants that produce many of the traditional manufactured products. Such processing plants form the backbone of Southern China’s economic development. The conventional view regards a BGPP as playing a minor role in a traditional multinational enterprise (MNE), and for this reason the role of BGPP’s in traditional MNE’s has not received any significant attention from researchers. In this paper we examine the BGPP and its related global supply chain from the viewpoint of the global economy, using case examples from mature/low-tech and labor intensive processing plants in Pearl River Delta (PRD) of Southern China.