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Real-Time Performance Reviews According to Jim Whitt, performance reviews end up being “check the boxes” exercises that have little influence on performance because they take place after the fact. Employees need and want direction. How and when it is done is what makes the difference

Expand Your Ideas Using Google Find out how a good search engine, such as Google, can make developing a new product or service much more efficient and insightful. Often its use leads to results for first-time users trying to find solutions to new problems

Budget Challenges Lie Ahead for County of San Bernardino To balance this year’s budget for the County of San Bernardino, even greater fiscal challenges lie ahead even though the county took many steps to save and cut back

Boost Sales Right Now—Focus on the 5 P’s For a business to be even more successful today, they need to have 4 P’s in place: People, Policies, Procedures and Processes. George Dans explains how you can improve your business today by focusing on these areas

Everybody Sells! Transforming Exceptional Service Into Revenue Growth As customers cautiously begin to spend their tightly held dollars, companies are realizing that re-establishing their previous customer relationships isn’t enough. The success of their growth strategy depends on increasing customer acquisition and loyalty


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