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The Four Gs of Smartly Growing Your Business in Good Times and Bad Professor Ed Hess counsels corporate executives and small business owners to pursue growth strategies based on the 4Gs (Growths)

Don’t Hit Send! Avoid These Common E-mail Pet Peeves If you ever wondered why people don’t take action on your e-mails or why this productivity tool seems to waste more of your time than it saves, you may be guilty of exhibiting a few e-mail pet peeves

Stopping “Slack-Off Summer” Syndrome: Six Ways to Keep Your Company Ruthlessly Focused This Summer Summer is when everything slows down—including your business. Your clients, employees, and vendors are on a seemingly constant rotation of vacation time.

Four Shocking Bombshells Bernanke Did Not Tell Congress About Ben Bernanke (chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System) gave us a glimpse of the disasters now sweeping through the U.S. economy, but there are four bombshells he did NOT talk about

Shattering Expectations: Eleven Lessons on How Successful Women Bust Through the Glass Ceiling to Reach Their Full Potential To push successful women to greater heights, Roxanne Rivera stresses the importance of knowing the obstacles and the opportunities to succeed in a company where men hold sway

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