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Opinion: True impact on working people of AB 32 is no mere numbers game A report by the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education found that green jobs represent less than one percent of the jobs in California. Green jobs would expand under AB 32 and could potentially impact three million blue-collar or 20% of California’s workforce

Making a Comeback: 6 Strategies to Overcome Your Professional Setback and Define Success on Your Own Terms Andrea Redmond and Patricia Crisafulli gives advice on how you can lead not only to a comeback, but potentially an even better outcome than ever anticipated

How Small Businesses Can and Do Help Charities Many large corporations find it necessary to donate millions of dollars to charities as people are becoming more concerned about poverty around the world. It’s a corporate responsibility. Yet, they only account for about 5 percent of all donations to U.S. nonprofits. The largest donor group is made up of individuals and small businesses. Find out how small businesses can benefit by working together with a charity make it a win-win situation

A Two Speed Global Recovery: Emerging Markets vs. the Industrialized World Few countries were immune to the downturn of the Great Recession of 2008-09, though some weathered the storm better than others.

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