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What’s Best for Your Estate? A Will, a Trust, or Listing Your Beneficiary’s Name on Your Deeds and Accounts? Attorney William K. Hayes outlines “probate” and gives us examples of estate planning. If you don’t plan, the government has a plan for you

Do the Right Thing—Lessons From the New York Insider Trading Cases What does “doing the right thing” mean to you? Every leader and manager in business and government and for every single person should do “the right thing.”

Success Without Sacrifice: Change Your Way of Thinking Do you believe in having it all? This article will cover two kinds of thinking—one that’s limiting and one that’s empowering. When you learn to embrace a more powerful perspective, you are going to feel like you truly have it all

Jobless Execs: It’s Time to Dump the Old School An estimated 32,000 job seekers found work in October, but that still leaves 13.9 million reported unemployed, which means a lot of people are competing for the same job. To find work, you must go digital, recruiting expert says

Avoiding Death by To-Do List: 15 Ways to Overcome Overload and Work Smarter in 2012 Jason Womack explains how to get a handle on your to-do lists and in-box full of e-mails. Too many of us are overwhelmed, but you can change that reality.

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