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What Planet Are You On? Six Steps to Simplify Remote Management Managing people and projects from different cities, states, time zones, or countries is infinitely more difficult. You might as well be on different planets. Jim Bain gives us some tips that can make sure that they are on the same planet as their remote team members

The Impact of Caregiving on Business Did you know that the average cost to employers per working caregiver is $2,110 per year. This costs U.S. employers $33 billion a year. However, programs designed to help employees deal with eldercare and other caregiving issues really do provide a return on investment

‘Tis the Season to be Sidetracked The holiday season brings with it a host of distractions for workers. Read the survey developed by Accountemps based on telephone interviews with more than 1,000 senior managers regarding this issue

3 Tips for Using Facebook as a Business Building Tool Heather Lutze gives suggestions to help you create a business Facebook presence that generates results

Thinking of Using a Temp? How to Choose the Best Temp Service for Your Needs Before you randomly call a temporary placement agency from the phone book or an online listing, you need to know how to work with a temp service so you get the best talent possible

Dining With Upper Management In many cases in companies people skills are more important than technical skills. CEOs are well aware that business has been lost due to social ineptitude of younger managers, and there is a definite decline in human interaction due to the high-tech workplace. Some companies have made etiquette classes mandatory for all of the executives in the company

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