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Inland Empire City Profile 2010 This annual city profile by John Husing, Ph.D. provides a good source of information and available data for population, taxable sales, assessed valuation, housing prices and volumes, and income for Inland Empire’s 50 cities

Who Owns Your Strategy? Having a good and great strategy is critical to organizational success. With all good resources, most organizations largely fail to successfully implement their strategy. Why? The answer can be found in who actually owns the strategy

Top Ten Pitfalls to Avoid When Going Social in the Business World If you are looking for fans, followers, and friends to build a Social Nation around your business, don’t panic, says Barry Libert. There is simple advice that will help businesses avoid the pitfalls and make a strong online impact

What Your Customers Really Want (Hint: It’s Not Just Price!) If you think the price of your products or services is the reason you are attracting or not attracting and maintaining customers, think again. Customers are savvy and want much more from their relationship with your company than just a low cost

How to Improve Planning Session Participation If you struggle with participation challenges in your company’s planning activities, Hardy Smith outlines eight tips to help make your sessions successful

Veterans vs. Hot Shot Newbies: Relieving Tension in the Workplace When there is tension, resentment, and frustration in the background between you and your direct reports, you lose money

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