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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Smith, Laurie

Second Advisor

Chang, Janet C.


The purpose of this study is to check the accuracy as well as the validity of previous studies conducted on sex education programs in this country. This study looks at the attitudes of college students who are parents as to what method they believe can be effective in preventing teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. The research question for this project is: which model of sex education (abstinence-only sex education model or comprehensive sex education model) is more likely to be accepted or supported by college students who are parents and why? And, are there reasons/factors that will influence their decisions as far as choosing a particular model over the other? This study was conducted at the campus of California State University, San Berdardino (CSUSB). Forty CSUSB students who are guardians/parents or grandparents made up the sample for this study.