Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership and Curriculum

First Advisor

Mahoney, Marita

Second Advisor

Piller, Bonnie

Third Advisor

Sandlin, Ruth


This study was designed to determine a method to identify barriers which inhibit and items which foster levels of School Connectedness based on teacher perceptions of School Climate. When barriers related to School Connectedness are identified, the application of a protocol to reshape teacher perceptions may be necessary. Identifying teacher perceptions of School Climate related to students, the school environment, and themselves, is often an indicator of how connected the various elements of a school are since teachers and staff members greatly assist in the formation of a school climate. The 100 Dinners Project was a mixed methods study designed to reshape the perceptions of teachers in an attempt to increase School Connectedness through application of the Conceptual Change Theory Protocol (CCTP).