Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Theatre Arts


Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Ervin, Kathryn

Second Advisor

Smith, Terry Donovan

Third Advisor

Smith, Johanna


This thesis is a position paper developing an argument for the advancement of the play Thunder Rock, by Robert Ardrey, into consideration for the California Reading List for Public High Schools. To support the validity of the argument the thesis explores three key elements: the content of the play itself; connections to the California Content Standards for California Public Schools; as well as related instructional methods appropriate to the task of teaching the play. The goal is to develop in this thesis not only an argument for the inclusion of Thunder Rock into the California Reading List, but also create a viable teacher's reference manual for its instruction. Creative drama, readers theatre, creative writing, design and most importantly, performance and experience are all represented in the structure and method of each lesson plan.