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Master of Arts in Theatre Arts


Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Smith, Johanna

Second Advisor

Provenzano, Tom

Third Advisor

Ervin, Kathryn


This project takes Theatre of the Oppressed and Theater Games to elementary age students in the High Desert, helping them work through emotional issues and developing responses that would enable them to resist the allure of gangs, which offer the pretense of security and a sense of belonging. The objective of the project is to help teach students to have positive interactions with each other and adults. A group of fifth and sixth grade under privileged low income students from the High Desert region was selected to participate in this after school program. The program was based on psychodrama and sociodrama theories and provided a safe environment for students to engage in role playing activities that worked through peer and current social issues. Fifteen students were invited to participate in the afternoon program at Brentwood Elementary School.