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Master of Arts in Education



First Advisor

Baek, Eun-Ok

Second Advisor

Newberry, Brian


The purpose of the project was to install a Moodle installation on a server and deploy it to select teachers while developing a series of training modules to help assist teachers to utilize Moodle as an online supplement to their classroom teaching. The goal was to give the teachers involved an additional outlet for learning beyond the classroom setting. Specifically, this project centered on creating video tutorials and a demo class aimed to help teachers utilize this powerful medium. Moodle activities are items such as blogs, forums, wikis, and quizzes among many other learner-centric technologies. The participants to pilot this project were found by asking for volunteers at an English department meeting at Hesperia High School in Southern California. Three teachers volunteered. With the researcher included, this would put the pilot participants at four teachers with five classes each.