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Master of Science in Psychology



First Advisor

Ward, Sharon

Second Advisor

Wilcox-Herzog, Amanda

Third Advisor

Carrère, Sybil


The purpose of this project is to substantiate the need of a curriculum for primary grade students that connect physical activity and state standards assignments and to evaluate a curriculum designed for third grade students that will focus on intertwining physical movement and daily assignments. There is a strong emphasis on academics in elementary schools, while physical education is regulated to a "time out" from academics. More schools are eliminating physical activity from the curriculum to increase scores on tests. The first part of this project looks at what current research says about physical education and how it is connected to academic achievement in elementary school age children. The second part of this project is a curriculum unit consisting of a variety of lessons for third grade classrooms using physical activity in alignment with the state curriculum. The current study included 20 third grade students from a Title I school on the West side of San Bernardino, California. This project included a pretest, posttest, and physical activities to be performed during class time, not PE class.