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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Chang, Janet C.

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Shafer, Jed


The purpose of the study is to bring to light the desperate need and attention substance-exposed infants require currently but are not receiving. This study will show cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and social deficits substance-exposure produces in these dependent powerless infants. This study will focus on the perspective of practioners who work with this population on a daily basis. The practitioner perspective will be collected from three SART (Screen, Assess, Referral, Treatment) Programs spanning the country's largest county, San Bernardino County. The Sart Program is an early intervention program designed for children between the ages of zero through five years old, providing comprehensive assessment and treatment to improve a child's overall functioning. This study will utilize a qualitative method using ten to twelve face-to-face direct interviews with master-level practitioners.

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Social Work Commons