Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences


Geography and Environmental Studies

First Advisor

Stanley, Brett

Second Advisor

Mulvihill, James

Third Advisor

Longville, Susan Lien


This project will explore the environmental benefits of sustainable land use practices as defined in the Ahwahnee Water Principles for Resource Efficient Land Use. These principles identify resource efficient land use practices that local communities can implement. City ordinances contain barriers to prevent the implementation of Ahwahnee Water Principles. The city of Ontario's municipal code, New Model Colony General Plan, and several specific area plans as well as San Bernardino's general plan, municipal code, and University Hills Specific Plan were analyzed to identify preventions and promotions of these water principles. It was discovered both cities have high percentages in the use of impervious cover which increases runoff and causes water contamination.