Helen Saar

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Business Administration


College of Business and Public Administration

First Advisor

Vaziri, Mo

Second Advisor

Dyck, Harold

Third Advisor

Sarwar, Ghulam


The purpose of the present research paper was three fold. First, determine if there is a trade interdependence between the United States and Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Baltic States). Second, determine if there is correlation between the respective equity markets. Third, determine if the changes in the trade relations lead to the changes in stock market correlations. The hypothesis of the project was that weaker trade relations between two countries would lead to lower correlation between their stock markets, providing beneficial opportunities for portfolio diversification. The overall objective is to ascertain if Nordic markets are good targets to hedge portfolio risk for U.S. investors, and if the risks of investing in these markets would be rewarded by the higher returns.