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Master of Social Work


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McCaslin, Rosemary

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Acton, Jane


Three psychosocial dynamics were assessed for their effect on role satisfaction among grandchildren: (1) the impact of expanding a household on a limited fixed income, (2) health issues of the grandparent as they apply to stamina, and (3) the interaction with their existing social structure to include grandchildren (adjustments, prioritizing, and social isolation). Sampling included a population of 33 custodial grandparents (age=55 and older; male and female; various ethnicities) and selected from a Grandparents Raising Grandchildren support group in Idyllwild, California. The instrument of this quantitative and qualitative study was an adaptation from the County of Riverside, Department of Mental Health, Children's Department Personal Satisfaction Survey. Survey answers were based on a Likert scale model. Responses from the surveys indicated that the custodial grandparents are satisfied with their roles. However, there are sufficient data to suggest there is a need to increase quality of life and custodial role satisfaction.