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Substance abusing women with children are a diverse group, but some of them are among the most disadvantaged individuals in the United States. These women are in dire need of effective treatment modalities in order to sustain sobriety. Using a quantitative research design, this study examines the perception of motivation in the recovery process among African American women with children. Through research surveys these women identify the motivating factors necessary for successful treatment outcomes. Scales were created to measure extrinsic motivators, intrinsic motivators, and barriers to treatment. Factors examined included attendance at twelve step meetings, church attendance, court mandates, family support, assistance from Children's Services Workers, participation in residential and outpatient treatment programs, training in life skills such as assertivenesss, stress management, effective communication, vocational skills, and parenting, and intrinsic spiritual beliefs. The study also examined barriers to treatment such as lack of transporation, child care, employment, housing and money.