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Although drug therapy is the more common treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and has been shown to reduce symptoms, the benefits of the theraputic drugs are temporary, and the therapy can have adverse side effects. For these reasons, many prefer not to use drug therapy for ADHD. Alternative treatments have been shown to have some efficacy, especially when used in conjunction with drug therapy. Dynamic Systems theory suggests that an intervention which combines graphomotor exercises with music may have a positive effect on a child's behavior and attention. A 2 x 2 pretest-posttest design tested the hypothesis that both children diagnosed with ADHD as well as children without ADHD would significantly improve on measures of attention, behavior inhibition and handwriting when those children received the graphomotor and music intervention. The intervention was designed according to the instructions in the handbook "Training the Brain to Pay Attention the Write Way" authored by Farmer and published by Writebrain Press in Denver, Colorado in 1993.

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