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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies


Art definitions and movements are changing just as the social paradigms they spring from. This exploration looked at paradigms in art of the past that have become the foundation for movements today. Currently the transformative powers art has to offer have been recognized. Colleges are beginning to train a major and a career. The literature review explored what role transformative art has played in artists' lives and looked at its uses in education. Conceptual art goes beyond the aesthetics of art and touches the mind and heart. I began to explore this kind of art in the nearby galleries. I found a theme I could be passionate about and began to develop it visually. For my project, I developed transformative art. Often students can master a media and create an image with it. But, unless they are told what to create, their craftsmanship skills lie mute. They need guidance to realize their visual voices. As I researched the subject matter of my show, I challenged my students in my high school art classes to look past technique and create some conceptual art of their own.

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