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The current study used a Post-positivist paradigm and was quantitative in nature. In addition, it used a descriptive survey design, which utilized self-reported questionnaires. The final sample included 125 students, ages 18-20, in undergraduate psychology courses at a Southern California university. This study attempted to explore the differences between the tree types of dating violence profiles: 1) victim only, 2) perpetrator only and 3) mutually violent; however, only 37 participants completed the questionnaire, which made statistical analysis impossible. Nonetheless, this study explored differences in relation to the demographic characteristics and five variables: a) gender, b) self-esteem, c) severity of violence, d) relationship satisfaction, and e) acceptance of violence. Therefore, this study proposed that differences would be identified and used correlations to reveal any associations between the variables. It was discovered that dating violence occurred among the sample with an 87.8% prevalence rate.