Impact of Online Self-regulated Professional Development on Technology and Engineering Educators Metacognitive Awareness

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The study was designed to investigate the impact of professional development on technology and engineering teacher’s metacognitive awareness. The study pursued answers to one primary and three secondary research questions involving three groups of technology and engineering teacher’s metacognitive awareness based on their participation in professional development. The study had a sample size of 18 (N = 18). There were six participants in three groups. Group one consisted of teachers that actively participated in Transforming Teaching through Implementing Inquiry (T2I2) professional development system. Group two consisted of teachers that did not actively participate in T2I2 professional development system. Group three consisted of teachers that completed National Board for Professional Teaching Standards professional development. To measure the metacognitive awareness of each group a mixed method design was implemented. The quantitative measure used in this study was Schraw and Dennison’s (1994) metacognitive awareness inventory. The Kruskal-Wallis one way analysis of variance by ranks was used analyze the quantitative data. The qualitative measure used was a metacognitive awareness semi-structured open-ended interview. The interviews were analyzed by two coders using a coding rubric. The results and complementarity of both measures were used to identify each group’s metacognitive awareness. A comparative analysis was used to describe the essence of each group’s metacognitive awareness during common teacher practices.


Doctoral dissertation, North Carolina State University. Please see https://repository.lib.ncsu.edu/handle/1840.16/10263