Separated from the Pack: The CSUSB/COVID-19 Digital Collection



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Student generated description: “This art work is used to show how I feel about the whole pandemic and how it changed me. I ended my senior year on a cliff hanger so I was like "what now", so I decided to find new talent during this difficult time. My talent of crocheting also gives to the community. I sell and make things for the community because they deserve something made out of love during these times. These colors all mean something. I refused to use shades like black, white, and grey to show how colorful we have made this world during the pandemic with the new leaders of the U.S. It's also a sweater to resemble the virus and how we can take care of ourselves from this severe cold. There's a few dark colors to resemble dark times and light colors to resemble good times, there's a mixture of both during these times."


Student generated comment: “I want to share love and hope that we will make it out safe and secure."

This item was created as a part of a student project in CAL 2970 (Liberal Studies: Introduction and Assessment Preparation).