Separated from the Pack: The CSUSB/COVID-19 Digital Collection

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Board Game

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Student generated description: “I will be donating a board game I created. The start of the game represents when COVID-19 started and the end of the game represents when cities started opening. The characters are a mask, toilet paper roll, hand sanitizer, water, dove soap, and COVID-19. They represent things that were out of stock during the pandemic and the soap, COVID-19 represent having to clean our hands all the time due to COVID -19. The starting card is a ice breaker in the game and the rest of the card contain events I went through and if they are good events I advance in the game but if they are bad events, I go back a space or two. For example, I went through a break up during quarantine and I put "you just went through a break up, skip a turn". Sometimes there is shortcut tickets where they can go through the shortcuts and also there is cards where you can either help or not the person you are playing with."


This item was created as a part of a student project in CAL 2970 (Liberal Studies: Introduction and Assessment Preparation).