Communications of the IIMA


In a web service environment, service requesters are able to locate functionally equivalent services dynamically making quality of service (QoS) the differentiating factor amongst the web services. Service providers need to formulate QoS aware services in order to remain competitive and to achieve the highest possible profit from their offerings. There are several quality attributes to consider in any operating environment and we’ve grouped these requirements into 5 major categories: Service Dependability, Architectural Flexibility, Operational Capability, Risk Exposure and Financial Accountability. In the web services environment the realization of the attributes in these quality categories has increased in complexity due to the distributed and dynamic nature of the environment. While much of the research, standards and specifications address these issues, to the knowledge of the authors, an end to end solution for managing the quality attributes in a web service environment that include both testing and auditing has not been proposed. This paper will describe some of the current research that has been conducted to address the various aspects of quality as well as introduce the design for an end-to-end solution that will include testing and auditing.