Communications of the IIMA


Interoperability is hard to tackle in both business and IT domains since semantic transaction loss exists in terms of concepts transformation from one design stage to another in information systems development. It results from different interpretations and representations of various requirements in design domains. Without an explicit structural specification of semantic linkages among design domains, the transformation cannot be efficiently identified in an appropriate way. These call for effective architectural solutions that coordinate powerful technologies with business applications to enable seamless integration. The main objective of this paper is to investigate ontology types and build ontology meta-model for IAIS (Isomorphic Architecture of Information Systems) which was built in our previous work to reach seamless and unified semantic linkages. The ontology meta-model is proposed to bridge the gap among different processes in information systems development with the same structure unit. The secondary objective of this paper is to study how to prevent semantic loss in analysis and design processes with the meta-model.