Communications of the IIMA


This paper is an attempt to investigate the current issues and development of the marketing strategy for all those online college textbook sales, as the Internet has provided more options for college students across the nation in terms of buying and selling their textbooks in recent years. The primary data for this study are collected through a comprehensive website evaluation and testing, and a questionnaire survey from a selected campuses. The objectives of this research are: (1) to investigate the marketing strategy of current online college textbook business in terms of: price, leadtime, availability, and the likes; (2) to identify major issues and challenges for online college textbook websites in promoting online textbook sales; and (3) to examine college students’ preference in their textbook buying decision regarding online textbook sale options. The data collected from this study show that there is a significant gap between business marketing strategic priority and college students’ perception in their final purchasing decision. The results are presented with graphical displays along with managerial discussion.