Communications of the IIMA


A key success factor for a successful company in a dynamic environment is effective and efficient information technology (IT) supporting business strategies and processes. In recent surveys however it is concluded that in most companies IT is not aligned with business strategy. The alignment between business needs and IT capabilities is therefore still a prominent area of concern. What is striking about these surveys is that they investigate the concerns of IT executives. The logic of business & IT alignment (BIA) however requires both IT and business executives to share this concern. Other research shows that business executives do not rank business & IT alignment very high in their concerns. This result raises the question whether BIA is an IT issue? And also: Do business executives perceive business & IT alignment differently than their IT colleagues? This paper investigates the difference in perception of BIA between business executives and IT executives. The paper presents an brief overview of the theory on BIA and reports an assessment of BIA maturity by business managers and IT managers in 12 Dutch firms.