Communications of the IIMA


Blackboard® is a Web-based tool that is becoming an important and popular course management software application in higher education. Moreover, Blackboard® has been predicted to be the future of all types of distance learning. It provides a number of learning tools, including an online discussion board, course content management, a course calendar, information announcement, electronic mail, reviews, auto-marked quizzes and exams, navigation tools, access control, grade maintenance and distribution, student progress tracking, etc. Blackboard® benefits include a high level of interactivity, a greater level of learner enthusiasm, and a high level of satisfaction. This paper describes student perceptions in terms of applying the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model. The UTAUT model consolidates previous TAM related studies. However, in this study mixed support for this model was found in terms of the reliability of the scale items representing the UTAUT constructs and the hypothesized relationships. Although students tend to agree that Blackboard® is a good idea and use it frequently, most of software’s features are not being used to their fullest capability.