Communications of the IIMA


This paper discusses the performance of traffic flow over Local Area Networks (LAN) utilizing buffers to avoid any irrelevant traffic that clusters the network using sniffer pro. The study applies buffer technology to filter out unnecessary information so the system captures only required information packets. Buffers that capture the protocols are identified. These are. Address Resolution Protocols (ARP), Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and User Datagram Protocol (UDP). The study identified to the user/analyzer of an Ethernet technology, how to isolate a cluster network problem, monitor network performance, and offer tips on how to correctly assess and fix network problems. The study provides detailed analysis of threshold gauges, errors, broadcasts, multicasts, packets, and many other facets of dashboard graph configurations thereby ensuring a successful network analysis. The study concludes by providing solutions to poor network performance affecting one user, several users, or an entire network.