Communications of the IIMA


Ongoing transition of most of business enterprises to knowledge-based ones is a watershed event in the evolution of the global knowledge economies. This transition marks a paradigmatic shift from energy- based economies with traditional factors of production to information-based economies based upon knowledge assets. Accordingly, the objective of this paper is to develop a theoretical and pragmatic architecture of knowledge management system based on Knowledge Grid for better implementing knowledge management (KM) in business organizations to facilitate their vision of sustainable growth and development. This paper objectively analyzes the environmental problems that most of those enterprises, especially those knowledge-based ones have to face up in such a distributed, increasingly changing environment. Also the critical situations of knowledge management in those business organizations are outlined. Then a new theory about knowledge management, namely, knowledge systems engineering in introduced, which paves the way for better understanding knowledge management and lays the groundwork for constructing a more valid architecture of knowledge management system. And a new architecture of knowledge management system based on knowledge grid is proposed to solve those problems mentioned above, which may provide not only a friendly user interface for end-users to easily access and manage many kinds of Web resources but also a platform for those business organizations to successfully implementing knowledge management.