Communications of the IIMA


Universities can select their students more and more independently. In order to support the selection process, web-based aptitude tests are a possibility to balance benefits und efforts of this task. Within this paper, we will point out how current web-based aptitude tests are designed, what competences are covered, and which methods for development are used. For this purpose, we developed a classification how web-based aptitude tests are implemented. Furthermore, competences as the basis of web-based aptitude tests are appraised. Four competence categories (professional, methodological, personal, and social competences) are selected as the most appropriate pattern. Thereafter, we analyse methods for developing competence specifications. Finally, we state lessons learned for the development of web-based aptitude tests at universities. These results are an important preparatory work and a basis for a systematically development of a web-based aptitude test for the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.