Communications of the IIMA


The development of countries with laggard economies is becoming a global concern. The harmful complications of poverty and illiteracy are beginning to show up outside those countries in violent forms. The precautions against this migration of harm are splitting the world apart at the same time as technology may become able to bring it together. Over the last few years, information technology (IT) has grown very fast and is still spreading into all aspects of life in developed countries. The recent research in those countries is bringing more evidence that IT is a leveraging tool for business and not a luxury. This paper discusses the potential role IT could play in developing a country. We start by raising the awareness about the major factors of development of relevance to the thesis topic: natural resources, location, industrialization and education. We identify the two main approaches to development and point out the potential of each using cases of two exemplary countries. Finally, we discuss the literature surveyed and the conclusions one could derive about the role of IT in country development.