Communications of the IIMA


Organizations are currently facing substantial challenges regarding becoming circular by 2050 – also referred to as Circular Economy (CE). Subsequently, increasing complexity on all organizational levels creates uncertainty about respective organizational and technological capabilities and adequate strategies to develop these capabilities. Organizations are struggling in picking up the CE ambitions and answering the what’s in it for me question. Scholars are developing models and frameworks to enable organizations to measure CE performance. Over 125 assessment methods are available for micro level assessment – measuring up to 365 different metrics. Moreover, extant literature is available presenting barriers and opportunities for CE transformation focusing on industry, sector, region, etc. And, although a more holistic perspective is required to become circular mature, this is currently lacking. In this paper we present a multi-methodology view on approaches and how they are used (or not). Our main goal is to extend the existing body of knowledge with an eye on applicability and research directions to untie the Gordian knot of measuring circularity.