Communications of the IIMA



Organizations are increasingly confronted with the consequences of globalization, digitalization and disruptive (technological) developments. The constantly changing and dynamic social, economic, and political environment as well as the public opinion require public organizations to deliver effective and efficient services. These trends also apply to Dutch housing associations who are working together with suppliers in the process of property maintenance to increase quality and to reduce costs. Business Process Management (BPM) has the prospect of enhancing the performance of maintenance processes. Previous studies have confirmed a positive relationship between BPM-maturity and Process performance. However, in different contexts this relation is sometimes inconclusive. Especially, it is not yet clear which BPM-maturity dimensions add most value to performance within a specific environment. Therefore, in this research we focus on studying the influence of BPM-maturity on Process performance of maintenance processes at Dutch housing associations. Furthermore, we focus on intra- versus inter-organizational processes. The findings show that an increase in BPM-maturity leads to improved Process performance. This is specifically true within the inter-organizational context.