Communications of the IIMA


As digital media continues to expand, competition between cable television and online streaming services increases. Acquiring customers today takes more than just advertising; it requires tailoring business objectives to the needs and wants of consumers. Numerous studies have examined the connection between the adoption of cable and online media, and key variables such as cost, ease of use, and social trends. In this study, we explore a number of factors which consumers consider when choosing cable television and online streaming options. Sample data was collected through a survey questionnaire at a large public university. Multivariate regression models were developed to identify factors affecting each option. Both models showed statistical significance. The regression model for cable TV showed additional purchase, social trend (negative), cost and customer service factors were statistically significant. In contrast to the cable TV, only social trend and available options were significant in the regression model for online streaming. Media options were marginally significant. With respect to demographics, gender played no clear role while age showed marginal impact in choosing online streaming over cable television.