Communications of the IIMA


Consumers are expanding the types of goods they are exchanging in consumer-to-consumer e-commerce. There appears to be a subset called collaborative consumption. Collaborative consumption is a dynamic concept given that an individual must develop mechanisms to trust others with transporting, sharing, and consuming goods/services. This study develops a trust model for collaborative consumption with three expected influences -- natural propensity to trust (NPT), others’ trust of buyer/seller (OTBS), and objective trust (perceived website quality (PWSQ) and third party recognition (TPR)) -- on an individual’s trust in collaborative consumption. Regression analysis is utilized to assess the proposed model. The study finds support for NPT and partial support for OTBS influencing trust in collaborative consumption, but not for PWSQ and TPR. This is contrary to findings of consumer-to-consumer e-commerce trust studies. A discussion is provided regarding these differences.