Communications of the IIMA


The objective of this research is to construct a qualia service experience design model for new-style cultural creative hotels and to explore how new-style cultural creative hotels can establish the qualia service experience. It further analyzes the key factors of creating qualia experience for new-style cultural creative hotels, offering it as a reference for enterprises which expect to enhance their competitiveness using the qualia experience. This research has chosen the HOTELDAY+ Group – the biggest cultural creative design hotel chain store brand in Taiwan to conduct the qualitative case study. The outcomes of the research show that cultural creative hotels with the fusion of the qualia-element service experience design can establish the qualia service experience via six aspects, including conveying living concepts and styles, thematic service experience design and form of the style, design quality and display of the products. There is also the participation aspect in experiencing events and art creation events, design and beauty between the building and the space, as well as the characteristics and interaction of the service personnel. Since HOTELDAY+ features spatial style design, cultural experiences such as local and historical cultural sentiments, brand meaning and strategic positioning of the services, it has excelled brilliantly in the hotel’s style conveyance, cultural experience, service experience design, combination of service experience providers and carriers. Thus, it is able to reach out and touch the travelers easily, making HOTELDAY+ to be favored and welcomed by travelers.