Communications of the IIMA

Volume 15, Issue 3 (2017)

Editor's Note

Greetings. Occasionally the editors of CIIMA publish an inter-disciplinary issue. Topics cover all areas of business, not just Management information Systems. This issue's articles are multi-disciplinary in nature. Chittibabu Govindarajulu and Jim Murphy("Improving the Assessment (Assurance of Learning) Processes") discuss their efforts at using information technology to develop assessment methods in a university setting. Chun-Liang Chen ("Exploring Qualia in Service Experience – A Case Study of the Cultural Creative Hotels in Taiwan") explores and constructs a qualia service experience design model for new-style cultural creative hotels in Taiwan. Yu-Ting Huang ("A Chinese perspective for internal marketing: A Review of the Literature and Suggestions for Future Research") provides a Chinese perspective of "internal marketing." Akin-Fakorede Oluwaseun, Eno Joseph Ottong, and Ubong Joseph Ottong ("Preservation of Library Resources in Nigeria Universities: a Study of Collections in Cross River State Universities") discuss efforts in Nigeria to preserve library resources.

These four papers are thus multi-national as well as multi-disciplinary, scanning the areas of IT-based academic outcomes assessment in the US, new approaches to service marketing in Taiwan, internal marketing in China, and finally, systems for library preservation in Nigeria.

I would like to thank the authors as well as the reviewers and editors for their contributions to this issue.



Improving the Assessment (Assurance of Learning) Processes
Chittibabu Govindarajulu and Jim Murphy