Communications of the IIMA


There is both a demand and a need for rapidly developing mobile apps for data management as well as apps for conducting surveys. Much of the code for data management operations – create, retrieve, update and delete (CRUD) is the same, except for the parameters passed. Such boilerplate type code is well suited for code generation. Many tools are available for creating apps for conducting surveys, but are ill suited for data management scenarios since CRUD operations are not supported. The tools available generally require a PC to access the web-based build tool, and do not provide source code for the application created. This paper extends that, and proposes a mobile app for creating a full data management app to run on Android devices, as well as the generation of all the code for the native app, the supporting PHP pages for a web application, and the SQL scripts for the associated normalized database. An example app created by this mobile app code generator and app builder is also given.