Communications of the IIMA

Volume 15, Issue 2 (2017)

Editor's Note

Greetings. This issue comes after a delay necessitated by a change of editors and the untimely demise of C. E. Tapie Rohm, the Founder of IIMA and the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the IIMA journals. I write this note with sincere gratitude to Tapie for his foresight in founding IIMA and tirelessly leading it to excellence for over twenty-five years. Thank you, Tapie!

The issue contains five papers, covering diverse areas such as BPM, mobile application development, supply chains, virtual communities and stock data analysis. "BPM maturity and performance: The influence of knowledge on BPM" (Benny de Waal, Arjen Maris and Pascal Ravesteyn) describes a study to determine what the influence is, of knowledge and experience of BPM, on the dependence between BPM maturity and process performance. "Code generation on mobile devices for Mobile Apps" (Nathan Amanquah and Susana Ndede) proposes and describes the implementation of a mobile app for creating a full data management app to run on Android devices, as well as the generation of the code for the native app, the supporting PHP pages for a web application, and the SQL scripts for the associated normalized database. "A Benchmarking Toolkit for Corporate Sustainable Development in Supply Chains" (Göran Svensson and Nils Høgevold) describes and applies a benchmarking toolkit to prioritize managerial implications for the measurement and assessment of sustainable development in supply chains. "The relationship of long-term orientation with knowledge sharing in virtual community" (Shahnaz Bashir and Abel Usuro) uses a quantitative approach to assess the relationship of long-term orientation which influences sharing of knowledge, ideas and information in virtual communities among different cultural groups. "Competitive Models to Detect Stock Manipulation" (Jose Thoppan, M. Punniyamoorthy and K. Ganesh) uses data from the Indian stock market to study the prediction accuracy of various classification techniques that can be used to identify market manipulation.

I would like to thank the authors as well as the reviewers and editors for their contributions to this issue.



BPM maturity and performance: The influence of knowledge on BPM
Benny M.E. de Waal, Arjen Maris, and Pascal Ravesteyn


Code Generation on Mobile Devices for Mobile Apps
Nathan Amanquah and Susana Ndede


Competitive Models to Detect Stock Manipulation
Jose J. Thoppan, Punniyamoorthy M., and Ganesh K.


Ramesh Subramanian, Quinnipiac University, CT, USA
Shoshana S. Altschuller, Iona College, New Rochelle, NY, USA
Associate Editors
Douglas Goings, Georgia College & State University, USA
Charmayne Cullom, University of Northern Colorado, USA
J.P. Pascal Ravesteyn, HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Oredola (Ore) Soluade, Iona College, USA
Gerhard Steinke, Seattle Pacific University, USA
Shaoyi He, California State University San Bernardino, USA