Communications of the IIMA


Enterprise systems have evolved in the last three decades from MRP (material requirements planning), MRP II and ERP (enterprise resource planning) to ERP II in the turn of the century. ERP II integrates the core ERP system with specialized solutions in SCM (supply chain management), SRM (supplier relationship management), CRM (customer relationship management), PRM (partner relationship management) and KM (knowledge management), enabled by e-business technologies. This research investigates the readiness of Jordanian industrial companies for ERP II implementation via an empirical study using a self-administered questionnaire. The study results revealed that the Jordanian industrial companies have all of the ERP II components with the exception of CRM and PRM, while suffering from significant integration deficiency, and lacking KM and BI (business intelligence) support. The findings of this study shall encourage the Jordanian industrial companies to review their ERP II integration strategies to maximize the IT investment return.