Journal of Critical Issues in Educational Practice


Post-traumatic growth, trauma, cognitive behavioral therapy, gratitude, positive psychology, Narrative therapy


The following is an exploratory model to understand the factors that promote growth after traumatic events, also known as post-traumatic growth (PTG). Additionally, the hope is to inspire further research and create quantitative data regarding the effectiveness of these factors, add additional interventions and integrate into crisis/trauma paradigms during recovery. Therefore, clients would be more equipped to handle the possibility of another event. When PTG occurs, victims of trauma experience increased positive well-being, life satisfaction and regain a new compassion for meaning or purpose in their life. By utilizing the following interventions, victims of past traumatic events can live a more preferred life and promote coping skills from within their own interests. The three interventions to be examined are the use of gratitude, creative writing and efficacy of yoga practices. All three of which have been supported by data to either promote or correlate within the post-traumatic growth domain.

Author Statement

Jared Becknell is currently working towards creating a medium for therapy using video games and exploring masculinity issues