Journal of Critical Issues in Educational Practice


Narrative Therapy, child sexual abuse, group therapy, counseling


Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) occurs at disturbingly high rates in our society and can leave long-term effects on its victims. Many individuals who seek psychiatric treatment have reported experiencing sexual abuse as children. This paper will discuss the effects of CSA while providing a narrative framework to counseling. It is intended to guide new counselors who may be searching for recommendations on how to counsel victims of CSA. In the context of narrative therapy, counselors and clients are encouraged to work collaboratively to help the client gain a sense of power by re-authoring their dominant story of abuse. The benefits using group therapy within the narrative framework is also discussed.

Author Statement

Author 1: Daniela Aponte, B.A. (M.S.--expected June, 2017)

Author 2: Shawn Patrick, Ed.D, NCC, LPC

I am a Master's student of the Counseling & Guidance program at CSUSB and will graduate this June, 2017. I've always been interested in learning more about how to help survivors of CSA. I wrote this paper for a class last quarter and my professor, Shawn Patrick, noticed the potential it had to be submitted for an educational journal. I gladly took this opportunity as I've never published before. Dr. Patrick and I collaborated and she became my second author to ensure the article was in great shape for submission. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to submit my work to an educational journal as I'm nearing the end of my studies at this university.