Wisdom in Education


teaching, social studies


Students and teachers rarely come together, at least in a meaningful way, outside the confines of the school environment. Seeing your students at Wal-Mart does not constitute “meaningful interaction”. This fact alone makes the GEAR UP Summer Enrichment Academy (SEA), held at California State University, San Bernardino in the summer of 2006, an epic event. The SEA brought students and teachers from the Rialto and Coachella school districts together with faculty from CSUSB for an intensive, enriching learning experience. Selected bright, young students were given opportunities to explore disciplines far outside of the range of their normal classroom experiences and a chance to immerse themselves in college life. College professors and community experts were given the chance to touch young minds and sharpen their teaching skills with students who were younger and very different from their usual charges. Middle school teachers were given a chance to focus on students instead of teaching and managing, as well as a chance to learn many new things themselves. What follows are my observations about the Summer Enrichment Academy.

Author Statement

Lisa Penrod is a graduate student in the College of Education at California State University San Bernardino.