Journal of Critical Issues in Educational Practice


technology, literacy, curriculum, technology education, STEM education


One might argue that the word technology is one of the most misunderstood and misused terms in common usage today. Many believe technology to be synonymous with computers, the internet and other high-tech media. This is limited and short sighted view indeed! Technology encompasses both simple and complex artifacts used daily. Pencils, toothbrushes, zippers and toothpicks – not to mention Velcro (!) – for instance, are all examples of what might be considered relatively modern examples of technology. Often, the wonder of “everyday” invention is lost in our current notions of technology. Yet, it is an investigative inquiry into the making, design and utilization of all that encompasses technology that yields great insights into human invention and creativity.

Author Statement

Dr Joseph Scarcella and Dr Susan Daniels are both professors in the College of Education, California State University San Bernardino.