Journal of Critical Issues in Educational Practice


Elementary Principals and Work-Life Balance


Work-life balance (WLB) is a challenge for principals to navigate as the ever-increasing responsibilities require more time. Because time is limited, achieving balance between principals’ workloads and home responsibilities can cause significant stress. Often, women principals face additional challenges because of childcare and household responsibilities. To support principals in their practice and encourage them to enter and persist in the role, better policies and practices should be implemented. By providing more site level staff, fostering a culture where WLB is valued, releasing principals from non-essential obligations, and training principals to prioritize tasks, districts can help mitigate the overload principals experience.

Author Statement

Joyce Lee Yang has served in public education for over 20 years. She's held positions as a teacher and school site administrator at traditional public and charter schools in three states. Currently, she is an assistant professor at Biola University in the teacher preparation program. Her research interests include how women principals balance work and life, how principals manage the growing responsibilities of the role and what systemic changes might help address burn out, and assessing learning without letter grades.