Journal of Critical Issues in Educational Practice

Aims & Scope

The journal will consider material with a focus on any domain of education, but will especially welcome material which pursues a vision of the 'wise educator.'

The wise educator is conceptualized in the California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) College of Education conceptual framework as someone who:

  • Possesses rich subject matter knowledge
  • Applies sound judgment to professional practice and conduct
  • Applies a practical knowledge of context
  • Respects multiple viewpoints
  • Reflects on professional practices and follows up with appropriate action

Submission to the journal should address one or more of these domains.

The mission of the College of Education (COE) at CSUSB is to prepare educators and human service professionals for lives of leadership, service, and continual growth through the development of curricula and programs that transform individuals and the community. The journal will function in a way which further articulates this mission.

Submission formats include:

  • Features - Scholarly, research-based articles
  • Perspectives -Essays addressing current issues, policies, and philosophies
  • Interviews – With visiting scholars, local experts
  • Voices - Practitioner narratives and conversations about best practices
  • Reviews - of Books, Films, Videos, Software, Curricula, Legislation
  • Insights - Relevant examples of artistic expression, such as poetry, narrative and visual art

Yes, we are currently accepting submissions!! Please submit electronically by clicking the “Submit Article” link in the left-hand sidebar. Articles should have a .doc or .docx file extension.